Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Hi everyone,

I just need to clear this up with people again...

I'm delighted with the response from the recent launch of Tatty Button stamps and CD and thank you and appreciate all the wonderful feedback (keep it coming!)...

...but I need to make it clear again that I am NOT an employee of Creative Expressions. I'm a freelance illustrator and artist who just created the Tatty images for them to use.

If you seek details or advice on Creative Expressions products incl Tatty Button then you must contact them directly....not me, as I am going to be of very little help.

I am in no position to advise on Creative Expressions (or related) products and I cannot and will not give out details on ANY past or upcoming products and certainly cannot authorise use of any of their images. I urge you, to avoid any unnecessary time wasting, confusion or embarrassment, to use the appropriate links on their websites to find the details/contact you require. I'm afraid I'm not the right person to contact.


Once again, thanks for your wonderful support and ta muchly for your understanding.



  1. Awww the price of fame ah lol
    Hope your well honey, know your probably pretty busy but any time your up for another swap you let me know X

  2. LOL Tatty is the famous one, not me. I'm just the proud mom standing in the background trying to keep low profile. Its not as dramatic as it seems...or a problem...just taking preventative measures after a couple of little missunderstandings. Don't want to get me or anyone else in trouble over wrong advice!
    Will def be up for a future swap Nicky...will call you!

  3. I love my Tatty Button stamps Ange, you really are a fabulous artist xx

  4. Lovely, Ange. Would make a refreshing change to have artwork on my shopping bag. Best of luck with them.