Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Calling all you Crafty Paper Detectives out there...

Do you recognise these papers?

A number of years ago I found a nice bargain in Costco....a lovely zipped folder type bag with 300 12"x12" sheets of double sided printed heavyweight paper (I'd guess 250gm..ish). 75 designs...4 sheets of each in gorgeous earthy lush colours and distressed type patterns which have proved to be the main staple of my card and papercrafting...and even 3 years on I still have plenty left. They match a number of the Ranger/Tim Holtz colour palette perfectly which is why they proved such a big hit to me.

I've been asked a number of times who they are made by...and I'm ashamed to say I can't remember...only that it was an American company (hence stocked by Costco). I blogged about it at the time of purchase but didn't give the name. I vaguely remember looking up their website but discovering a site and trade company I hadn't heard of...and one I couldn't buy from. For some reason I never made or kept note of the company details...and now I want them GRRRRR! MY BAD LOL!

At £2oish the price worked out at about 7p per sheet...not including the carrier which I have seen lesser quality versions on sale at around £10-£15 so not long after I went back to greedily buy more (gotta stock up a bargain when you see one!) but sadly they had sold out and I never saw them in stock again. It's some of the best quality paper for the price that I've ever used and would love to get more...and also let others know where to get it from too. I took these photos of the packaging back in 2008 but unfortunately not of any company details and this packaging is now long gone.


Please let me know...

Ta muchly!


  1. I brought 2 similer things in 2007 which were discontinued lines in big folders like that from my LCS (the patterned papers were different but still very vintage) They are K & CO Super K paper pads.But I have no idea if these are what yours are, but my pape hoppers look very similer to yours...and yes I was greedy I got 2 lol

  2. These are definately not K&Co as I would have remembered that name. I do remember that the company were trade only.

  3. I have the very same set, it's a product by MemoryStor and it was the 300 Count 12x12 Cardstock w/ Scrapbook Organizer.. i've had a look and the only place i can find it still is in the US, which i imagine would be too heavy to ship without costing a fortune, thats if they ship to UK at all..sorry hun x

  4. YES! thanks Nicky...that name sounds right and unfortunately that's what I thought the outcome would be. I'll just have to keep my eye on Costco in case they ever stock their products again.

    Knew I could count on someone coming up with the answer!



  6. Thanks for that Bagpuss...yes Memorystor do sometimes have the odd product appear in Amazon but they sell out quickly so you've got to be savvy and on the ball. There can often be hefty postage depending on the retailer too...but it's always worthwhile keeping your eyes peeled on there!

  7. These are still stocked at our Costco - Sheffield I think if you ask at your local costco they should be able to get them sent over for you, I also bought some and my Mam and my Sisters and most of my class hehehe shall I go on