Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Today I'm showing you a card showcasing a technique I've been wanting to try out for some time. An image formed using rolls of paper/card placed side by side. I few years ago I was asked to make a piece of paper craft and mixed med jewellery for a friend...it was a pendant, utilising pre printed images and made on much smaller scale, but it did inspire me to want to try it out as a card and using a stamped image. I never really got around to it until now. I cannot, however, claim the idea to be mine as I have seen it done a number of times before on jewellery....but not on a card, or shaped in the way I have done...so I guess I put a little bit of my own spin on things.

Seeings as it's February and Valentines Day will soon be on us, my idea was create a  heart shape design card....and the choice of Tatty Button image?...well it was a no brainer. Best Friends is a perfect shaped image to fit inside a heart and the two ponies nuzzling each other makes for a sweet romantic scene too.
                                                      N0. 4 - VALENTINES CARD

A very simple design and layout using just two colours of cardstock and one stamp image in black ink.

Firstly, the image was stamped out in full 9 times onto plain white paper. Each piece was then curled around a wooden dowel to create a roll. Each roll was then placed side by side, lined up in such a way to re-construct the full image again.

It takes a fair bit of patience and working out in order to get the right sections to line up. The idea in itself is easy and simple....but the difficulty is in you having make sure that each roll is exactly the same dimensions (that is why I used a piece of dowel rather than hand rolling each piece freestyle. It also proved a bit difficult shaping the piece as I chose to rip the edges to give a softer look to it, rather than cutting with scissors. A heart may not have been the best of choices to use for my first go at this, but there you go...I like a challenge LOL!

One of the problems I encountered was the rolls themselves were not very stable once the dowel was removed. They got a little out of shape during assembly of the card and this increases the danger of the image distorting. The problem lay in the thinness of the paper and perhaps something with a slightly higher gsm would have been better. Depending on the design, the dowels could also be left inside the rolls for extra support and create more uniformity...but in this case the heart shape made that impossible.....so I live and learn :)  (BTW - I did actually leave supports in the rolls used in the original jewellery piece - it certainly needed to be strong to endure being worn).

The rolled image piece was then attached to a coloured card heart which was run through an embossing folder to add more depth and interest in texture...the shape, being a contrasting colour also reaffirmed the heart shape of the rolled stamped image.

It proved a very interesting technique to try out and I'll definitely be having another go....it certainly has scope to be used in cardmaking in more ways....so I need to practise a little bit more and experiment with some other images and colours.

STAMP IMAGE USED -  TB10 Tatty Button 'Best Friends'

Tatty Ta Ta for now!