Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Wow.....sooooo much to tell but sooooo much I can't tell (or show)....now isn't that frustrating!

But I will let you into a little bit of my news......

If you follow my blog you'll know that there's been a few things in the pipeline regarding my Tatty Button (hence why as precaution and protection I shut down my other blog and all Tatty artwork was removed from my web sites). Well, I think I can now tell you she's going to be entering into the craft world...very soon!

It's all felt a little surreal what with how it all came about...but that's a story for later on. For now, I'll tell you I've been very busy over Christmas working on adapting the pencil Tatty artwork into suitable images for rubber stamps which are being made and marketed by a very good British company. When we all first met up last year to discuss what the requirements and plans were, and a date for the launch of the products...it all seemed an age away. The company have been lovely in keeping me in the loop on how all has been going....but really the process has felt a little weird. This has been something very new to me and a huge learning curve too. My head has been down, furiously reworking images and then seeing them disappear off into the post...and that was it...all out of my hands...and out of my control...

...a bit unnerving really! I've felt a bit like a new mom, sending her child off to school for their first day...my baby was being handed over to someone else and I was left wondering what was going on...and feeling a bit strange and empty...waiting....just waiting for Tatty to come back home...

...be patient...be patient...be patient...

...that was what I kept telling myself! Christmas, family, rugby and other art commissions kept me busy in the meanwhile but time just seemed to be drag....

...when was I going to see Tatty again!

And then.....WOW! yesterday a lovely big brown parcel arrived on my doorstep and out spilled the first set of Tatty Button rubber stamps! OMG such lovely little things all pristine and new, all etched smartly in grey.
They're here....actually here...finally here...in my hands...the feeling was quite bizarre! And it hit me there and then...now I'd physically got something in my hands....IT WAS FINALLY HAPPENING!

Reality has kicked in now. I have designed rubber stamp images! They have been made into actual stamps...and for crafters to buy (hopefully LOL!)...ok, so lot's of people do this....but this is something I'd never ever considered myself to be able to do....

...and now and I'm feeling a tad nervous...time that was once dragging is now speeding up and in barely two weeks time she is GOING LIVE.


'The World of Tatty Button' craft products are being launched at a trade show this month...and that's it...she's out there in the big wide craftin world! I might seem all calm and confident on the outside, but really inside I'm freaking out over how it's all going to go and how she is going to be recieved...

...be patient...be patient...be patient!


  1. Ange!!!! Great news - and tatty is just gorgeous so I'm sure they'll sell like hot cakes! Is the company going to do online too? Need to know cos visiting craft shows is out for me at the mo! (And I am deffo going to have some of these!)

  2. I am so pleased for you Ange, and can't wait to see the big reveal... i'm sure they will be a huge success xx

  3. Thanks Minxy & Viv for your support....I hope she does well too!

    VIV - The company I've got the contract with are suppliers to retail only (do not sell direct to public). When Tatty is launched their website will give details of the suppliers who I'm sure will include webshops....and looking like the range may be available on Create & Craft TV too. Will let you know when I know!

  4. Congratulations Ange, I'm so pleased for you. Your designs are sure to be a big hit as your drawings are brilliant. Looking forward to seeing the range when it comes out.

  5. Hi Ange,

    We ordered the full range of these beautiful NEW Tatty Buttons yesterday and can't wait till they arrive, we are not to far from you so you could always visit and see them on sale in the shop. I have been looking for your e-mail address so I could ask you some questions about your projects but I can't find one so f you could e-mail me at shop@beecrafty.net that's be great. Sooooooooo excited can't wait for them to arrive :)

    Bev x