Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Afternoon all.......or good morning......depending on where you are in the world!

For all newcomers....Hiya, my names Ange (aka Agnes the Red) and welcome to my blog!

For all you old mateys....Great that you're here!

After the last few days of pretty heavy snow here in Brummie land UK, the sun is finally out, the sky is blue and the snow has melted slightly...but not for long so the weather forecasters have warned. So after grabbing the moment and going out to run a few errands (ATCs and swap stuff posted PHEW!) I'm home again, thawing out with feet up, a cuppa by my side and finally getting my blog off to a proper start!

I did originally start off on Blogspot a while ago, but choose to run my blog over on my website instead. However things have gotten a little frustrating of late with a new company taking over as my web provider then 'upgrading' the blog set up which hasn't in my opinion been for the better...and become even more limiting than before. My blog became messed up and they don't seem to be able to rectify I've given up and moved back here WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

BTW - The website (My original Gallery and Tutorials site) have been unaffected by the they are still running and you can find them on the links on the right. And you can still read my old blog posts - ...if you can put up with the boring layout, squished up text and pictureless posts!

Right, that explained....I'd best now tell you why my blog is called 'The Six Inch Square'!

It all came about after cooing and arrhhing over some lush photos of artists studios in a magazine article......all beautifully perfect, orderly and tidy!......WHAT! this surely cannot be for real I cried as I looked over my own art room where chaos reigns supreme. Rubber stamps, papers, inks and paints are scattered here and there. Books for altering tower in competition with the craft and art books that also tower haphazardly on the floor (space ran out on the book shelf years ago!)....which also compete for space with stacked canvases that I will get around to using, honest! Ephemera bits and bobs I know I've got somewhere, go into hiding, only to surface weeks after I wanted them....obvious!...they do it on purpose! Ribbons are scattered and entwined like a plate of spaghetti, jewellery tools and beads never seem to get put back in their designated boxes....and so on........

You get the picture?

Well, apparently you all do...and only too well. The more I talked to friends and fellow artists, the more I realised I was not alone.....

WE ARE ALL MESSY ARTISTS!...well, ok...nearly all of us!

When I realised that my worktable (which is actually quite large) was so crowded with arty and crafty stuff that I had resorted to working on a tray on my lap next to it...I thought that maybe it did need sorting out....and further pondering made me realise that I actually could NEVER remember having a workable area any larger than a SIX INCH SQUARE!

I tidied big time but soon found the messy habits crept back...and my workable area just kept shrinking on down. I fought on with the battle for a while but deep down knew it would be an eternal struggle and impossible to maintain....I'm just not a naturally neat person......This is the best it gets...

But you know what?.....I finally decided....


Bizzarly....when things are tidy and organized...I can't find anything!

....and creative thoughts and inspiration dries up!

Time spent worrying and battling over mess is precious time lost when you could be why not celebrate it......and share messy craft spaces with one another!

So, 'The Six Inch Square Club' (SIS club) was born.......a small group on Flickr with a diverse membership of crafters and artists from all walks of life. A public group...all artists welcome....messy ones that is! just read the rules, join up and post up a photo of your very own messy space, then chat, share photos and ideas and you can participate in regular art projects and challenges....and there are freebies thrown in sometimes too. It's a laid back place with no pressure so you just pop by as and when you want.

If you're not yet an SISer...but want to take a look at the're more than welcome. Just hit the SISclub logo on the right.

Naming my Blog after this was just the natural next step. You'll find this place a bit of a rambling rose.........hence the background pattern (nearest thing I could find).


Suppose I'd better tell you a bit about myself too. You'll notice I don't have a section dedicated to that on here. I just can't really condense all I've got to say in that small space....

You see...I'm a bit of a 'Jack of all at none!' me a craft and I'll give it a go!

Largely a self taught artist, I left school to train and work in the jewellery trade. For a few years I helped run a small jewellery and watch repairs office in Birmingham UK where I also designed jewellery and was trophy co-ordinator for the British Show Jumping Association.

With a lifelong love of art and crafts, I've made jewellery and created artwork of various medium since childhood, taking commission work largely for watercolour pet portraits, pencil work and sculptures. I also spent many years operating a sideline business baking and decorating award winning celebration and novelty cakes and the odd chocolate truffle!

Disability now prevents artwork on a full time professional scale, but I still have a deep interest in all things creative and current interests (or should that be obessions!) include ATCing, Altered Art, working in mixed medium, with PMC, and metal craft I'm also trying to polish up on my photography. I'll give any craft a go (within reason) and love to share my have set up an art and crafts tutorials website - still in it's infancy...but getting there and I'm hoping to provide a broad variety of techniques for people to follow and try out. I also run a bi-monthly art project and challenge website for SIS and NI (New Inspirations - a yahoo art group) members, but it is also available for veiwing by non members too.

Outside of art my other interests among many things include gardening and growing veg in my small garden, wildlife conservation, and watching sports. I'm an avid supporter of the Worcester Warriors (Rugby Union Club) and can be found during the playing season, travelling the length and breadth of England watching them play away, and at their home Sixways Stadium in Worcester.

WARNING - when the rugby season is in full swing, things will get a bit quiet on here and my art production slows as I spend my weekends travelling and following the team, plus attending supporter club 'dos'. I will try not to ramble on too much about the rugby and try to keep this blog to art and craft....but it's part o my life and I sometimes need to express my joys of the game....but more usually the frustration and anguish.... :-( LOL!

I currently live in the West Midlands with my partner and a crazy pet Cockatiel........